make a wish....

Con is now 10...unbelievable! A lovely time was had by all. Copious amounts of cake, tramp action and drumming with the usual galloping, giggling and jumping off the furniture...and that was just me!
I wasn't around for Con's christening and not really being a religious sort the rules of godmothering seemed to pass me by. However, I was absolutely delighted to be given the role and so wrote my own manual:
1) When babysitting, encourage godson to lick the bowl, toboggan down the stairs and climb the mud mountain outside the back door.
2) Insist on regular drum recitals in the office.
3) Never renege on a promise...even if it results in days and days of google shopping, mall shopping and specialist store shopping until the CORRECT pair of fingerless goalie gloves are found.
4) Feel, quietly, very,very pleased when I hear that godson sleeps in said gloves, in fact the only time they are removed is in the shower, at godsons' mothers insistence.
5) Enjoy him!
Happy Birthday gorgeous....

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