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I love Mondays. I always think they are so full of promise I also love the 1st January, the start of a new school term, the first day of the holidays...anytime in fact when there is a feeling of either brand new or start again.

I begin a get fit, springclean, new me adventure every week. I acknowledge the adventure has usually petered out by Thursday afternoon but so far that hasn't dampened my enthusiasm.

Today is no exception, I've had a healthy breakfast, a walk on the beach, got two lots of washing done, had a fairly lengthy conversation with my mother that didn't include a single eye roll or lip biting incident (me) and a quick chat with my daughter that was also facial contortion free (her).

All in all a very good start.

In the UK, children start a new school year in September; new pencilcase with felt tips, new school bag, new shoes and socks and growing up in our house there was the inevitable new haircut (was it just me or did hairdressers always cut your fringe too short?)

Here, the new year starts today and although I'd love to say the boys are filled with the same joy and enthusiasm ....HA!

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