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Having just discovered the world of Blog I thought....I can do that! Especially as I have just purchased a new -ish- camera that I plan to use far more regularly than the old one. Once my Trade Me treasure arrives (fingers crossed...I've had a bit of a poor run recently) I'll post a few scene setters.
Until then, here starts the first list (it's an obsession...sorry)
This Weeks;
1) Most successful meal - Butterflied, herby roast chicken with broadbean and parmesan risotto and a green salad.
2) Best buy - Wooden trugs from the junk shop for just $3 each. Apparently they were used by banks for transporting money. I intend to use mine for growing herbs.
3) Book- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon. This is a Book Club choice and although enjoyable it's bringing back a few memories.
4) Frustrations - The dishwasher breaking down again, just 3 months after the best part of $300 was spent replacing the thing inside that makes it go. Even more frustrating is that Dishwasher Dave is on holiday until the 9th Feb. I don't normally go in for all that conspiracy theory tosh, HOWEVER, this will be the fourth costly callout since the warranty ran out and what other occupation allows you two months off over Christmas? It's pants!
5) Happiest event - Persuading both sons to join the Slaps for an afternoon walk, swim and picnic on the beach. Malf is an easy date but Oz is now 14 and the lure of the skate park is strong. However, a mixture of bribes, threats and wobbly lip begging won out in the end and a delicious few hours were spent in the sun. Maybe next time Lil will join us too! (I don't have an audio thingy so please imagine slightly hysterical laughter followed by a a big sigh here)

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