a week in pictures

A new semester began last Monday so I am just getting back into study mode. Psychology, plus some new book club reads and about 10 new blogs....all this reading can't be good for you!

Add to this a birthday party for a man with a beautiful new shirt,

a delicious prawn pasta (simple too, just prawns, bacon, butter, garlic, basil, lemon, thin spaghetti, season and serve with crusty bread.)

a food and wine festival followed by far too much sing star. I love sing star actually. I'm not a fan of computer games, play station and the like but sing star has to be the modern day equivalent of a Jane Austen type musical interlude or a war time sing song. I love the idea of us all standing around the piano bashing out a tune, unfortunately the drums are the only instrument played with any prowess in this house and they don't lend themselves to sweet ballads at least not the way Oz plays them. Ace of Spades on the otherhand.....

Hydrangea's are back, hurrah! as are nectarine's, hurrah, hurrah!! as are nits harrumph! Bloody things. The letter has arrived home warning of the imminent invasion so I am armed and ready with spray, comb and eagle eyes. Where do they come from? Who has the king nit and why do they only invade sporadically? Questions that keep me awake at night, I kid you not.

I also found a minute to prettify a corner using the aforementioned Hydrangeas. Good times.

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