Lordy, what a weekend...
Lovely Lil is now 18 years old and it feels we've been celebrating for days with the climax being an enormous family party yesterday afternoon. A happy, hungry gathering of twenty two!!!
It's an extraordinary feat that this large extended family has ended up on the other side of the world but all within a 5 mile radius. Even stranger, we barely saw each other in the UK.
How does this happen? Years of unsent Christmas cards, forgetting, or worse, ignoring birthdays and a general lack of interest had been the accepted status quo. Why? Who knows...certain factions have always remained fairly tight but there are a few almost certainly dysfunctional elements (aren't they always the most fun?).
Still, it makes for some interesting gatherings, especially when the wine starts to flow. I'm starting to lose count of how many times an adult ends up in the pool, fully clothed. It seems to have become an unwritten rule that the party's not over until someone gets wet. At first the dip would be the result of a poolside wobble or an overexcited child (son usually) going a little too far with the 'I'll push you in' posturing but we have taken this to new heights of silliness with the invention of 'Walk the Plank'. Renovations mean a heap of left over building supplies and a long length of 2x4 was found to be the perfect motivational tool for a touch of machismo culminating in some strange family dynamics. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.
As for the birthday girl, she claims to have had a blast. Champagne, cupcakes and a mound of fabulous prezzies is all well and good but it's not really a party until Grandma's dunked your uncle, is it!

Happy Birthday darling girl, x

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    I honestly can't write much else. I can't stop laughing - I so wish I could be a fly on the wall at one of your gatherings (make that a swim suited fly) :o)
    Made my afternoon reading that, it's all grey and damp here at the mo.
    lots of love