back to basics

Reading back over the last few posts I've come to realise that the renovation, making things, bit of the blog has disappeared. An immediate remedy is needed, and luckily we spent all day yesterday working very hard on a brand new room so I ache contentedly.

Our little cottage has only 3 bedrooms and as Oz moves inexorably towards full on adolescence we've decided that a little more space (literally and figuratively) is needed by all. A fourth bedroom and laundry has been crafted from an unused garage; unused as it had a wall running through the middle of it....go figure! The before picture shows the room with its new door, window and skylight but it still has to be gibbed and plastered before we can begin the good bit.

I've also included a snap of the desk which has to be a best buy this week. I found it on Trade Me for just $30. It's oak and, once it's had its make over, will be Oz's new study aid.

With Oz in mind I've just finished Celia Lashlie's, He'll be OK. I'm not much of a self help reader normally but this was recommended by a friend whose previous choices have always been enjoyable. It was actually rather good and I'm making valiant efforts to persuade Slap to give it a go. He is definitely not a self help reader, in his words 'you can't perfect perfection'....yeah right! However, if you like me are the mother of teenage boys this book is worth a trip to the library.

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