finders keepers

You know when you put your hand into the pocket of a coat you haven't worn in an age and find a coin....I love that feeling. A surprise gift. I've just discovered a similar unexpected pleasure; at 1pm I packed up my things, waved a cheery goodbye and sauntered to the car park. SO?.....I don't finish work until 2.
So now I have an extra hour to play with because, just like that coin, it's free isn't it. A treat to be enjoyed and just like marshmallows it's guilt free too as I have just 'phoned the boss and he doesn't seem to mind at all?
Note to self: once back in normal time it might be worth wondering why said boss didn't mind, in fact hadn't noticed the early departure at all...even though only he and I were in the building at the time, hmmm.
So, rather than studying for my first exam which looms ever closer, or stripping the beds, or planning dinner, or sanding down the newly plastered ceiling, or sorting receipts for the tax man I'm busy doing nothing. Lovely.

I'm off now to take a few snapshots of truly inconsequential things.

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