elaine paige and me both....

What is it about certain songs that evoke such incredibly strong memories.
There is the normal soundtrack to life that I think everyone has; first kiss, angry teen, break ups, Christmas, husband, putting the kids to bed, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (which always makes me think of Yul Brynner and the strange attractiveness of bald men, but that is a tangent to be explored another day).
Today, however, The Strangler's tune 'Golden Brown' sent me into one of those weird, almost trippy states where you're driving the car, you arrive at your destination safely without a toot, flash or trail of road kill but with no recollection of the journey at all. My head was swimming with early teenage unrequited love.
Eventually, the love was requited but like so many things it didn't quite live up to my huge expectations, how could it have done?
How wonderful though that a song played loudly on a crappy car radio can transport someone so entirely to another time and place and I suspect, leave a smile on my face all day.


  1. I remember it well ;o)
    'Strange little girl' always gets me too.

  2. Oh my goodness I remember this as well...
    As to the housecoat - what a good idea - You've reminded me, my mum always used to wear one when we were little. What with a 'nana-at-the-shops' bag, a pinny and a housecoat what am I turning into? Think I go and listen to Golden Brown again.