in a perfect world...

I would have red hair. Not chestnut or auburn but true, raw carrot red, waist-length ringlets. I once paid $400 for long, red hair extensions which had to be washed with fabric conditioner. To my chagrin, I only lasted a week; high maintenance hair is just not my thing, I can't even bear mousse. I pulled them all out one night and hid them in a plastic bag in my favourite 'out of sight, out of mind' spot where they remained, forgotten and gathering dust until they were discovered during a memorable game of Sardines. You try explaining to a traumatised child and his mother that you don't keep dead kittens under the bed, it's just your old hair.

Here is my homage to all things's amazing what pops up on Google images;


  1. I think I would just settle for hair that wasn't going grey now! I've always wanted to be really radical and go short, spiky and purple, but never quite had the courage. Or to return to the hair of my childhood, long and blond...

  2. My lovely hubby has the red hair you are craving and the curls to go with it too !!
    I am so envious of his mop of red curls - though he says it wasn't much fun growing up with that glorious hair.
    It makes me smile when we are out and about and all the mature ladies tell him how lovely his hair is!

  3. I'm a bit scared to tell you this
    but I have carroty hair (with a few silvery bits added) it curls when short, But right now it's down to my bottom (the wight strightens it out).
    I used to get teased rotten, as do my two red headed nieces.
    I am hoping to get those twiglets off to you this weekend, being agorophabic I got them with my weekly online supermarket shop and now I am just waiting for the nice person who posts my post to come and collect them.