pocket money

I risk giving the impression that I subscribe to the Victorian school of parenthood but I'm not a fan of paying children an allowance just because...and I refuse to pay them for doing their everyday chores, clearing the table, making their own beds,
massaging their mothers feet... I WISH!
Inevitably, this has led to some inventive ways of earning the odd buck (after all there's only so many times you can wash the car), I've had a dinner party Butler, a birthday Pool Man/Lifeguard, a weeding incident that decimated the veggie patch and some meals, so inventive that even Nigella would struggle to describe them!

The latest entrepreneurial scheme; I'm donning the one and only pair of patched leggings for an exercise session with my very own Personal Trainer, aged 14. The term 'cacking it' springs to mind here as he is a rugby playing, skateboarding, lean, mean sporty machine and I'm more roadkill than gym bunny, but he's promised to treat me gently and refrain from rolling his eyes, at least while I'm looking.There's a folder, index cards and a handwritten weight loss diary, all complied by Oz...I have to say I'm very impressed.

Less impressive perhaps is Alf's idea that he uses the results and a few before and after photo's as his science fair project,


A Google Images BEFORE and AFTER


  1. You do make me laugh! The after image isn't quite right - surely the hair has to be red! ROFL

  2. Oh Jus, both me and my husband have just wet ourselves reading your post - very, very funny!!

    Thank you for the smile and laugh you are very brave in the hands of a 14 year old!

    take care,

    Nina x

  3. Soooo very funny!
    Thank you for that entertainment!
    However, I'd love a personal trainer, so maybe I should have a chat with the nieces and nephews?
    Did I already say thank you for the tips on how to make a photo collage? Many thanks! I shall be collage-ing all over blogland from now on!
    Denise x

  4. Found you from Nina at Tabiboo. Got me by the roadkill description. So funny. Thanks for that.


  5. Popped over from Tabiboo. I'll get you off to a good start - can I eat those doughnuts for you? t.x (I don't get the picture of a bloke in a blond wig - is that your husband?)