Today's been a loose end sort of a day.
Is there anybody out there that diligently completes a whole list before starting the next one? Not me I'm afraid...I've had a heap of little jobs, sad and neglected, unticked on the weeks list but optimistically carried over only to be ignored again. Until today...

Bird handles on to chest...check

Dresser shelves sorted ...check

Afro tamed and the son loving it...check

Polish sausage defrosted and souped...check

iPOD synced with all those borrowed CD's, a huge bowl of broad beans shucked ready for tonights risotto, Happy-go-lucky (which I loved) watched...check, check, check.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Kiwi mammies out there!


  1. That never ending 'list' I wonder if one day I will ever be free!?!

    Have a lovely weekend and 'Happy Mothers Day'

    Nina x

  2. Your dresser and chest both look absolutely gorgeous! Better than anything I've seen in a magazine.
    Sounds like it's definitely soup weather for you.
    I'd show you a piccie of my red 'air only I've gone and dyed it! it goes through various stages, of reds and browns, the black I long for is too dark for my complection.
    Though the pic on my blog post 'the rolling stone of progress' has the top bit it's natural colour (the bottom half is a darker colour growing out).
    I see you are listening to Lily Allen, me and Miss. Mary like her :o)
    Is it hottie bottie time in new Zealand yet?