i feel the need for a bit of a tidy up...

Watching: Bagdad Cafe. This is one of my all time great films. I can't fault the music, the cinematography, the actors...all wonderful! It's quite hard to get hold of, in NZ anyway. Lil had my copy shipped in from Miami (got to love Mothers Day), if you can find it, give it a whizz. You won't be disappointed.

Reading: Eat, Pray, Love. It really wasn't what I expected but once the initial disappointment waned (about halfway through 'eat') I enjoyed it. A lot of contemplating the naval which isn't always a bad thing, it certainly left me in the mood for reflection. Not sure it lives up to the hype, but then what does?

Eating: Cake. I'm happy to report the love of home baking seems to be hereditary. Lily made a delicious coffee and hazelnut sponge for her Grandma's birthday. Luckily, my personal trainer had the night off so a guiltless second slice was enjoyably gobbled.

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