bring on the clowns...

Do you ever get too old for the circus?
Gosh, I hope not... we spent a magical afternoon in the Cirque du Soleil big top yesterday.
To be that nimble!

I'm a devotee of the Documentary Channel and am in danger of becoming a couch potato after discovering 'Carny', the life of an American travelling show.
I left home a little too young thanks to an incurable case of itchy feet, but would I have ever returned if I'd known that 'running away to the circus' was a real life option?
Admittedly, the cast of Carny are all exceptionally odd and I haven't yet spotted the gaily painted gipsy caravan that I would have insisted upon...but hey ho, another daydream in the making.
In another life, I maybe that teeny tiny, impossibly bendy, ribbon twirling nymph that took our breath away on a cold Auckland afternoon...hopefully?


  1. DO you know I have never 'ever' been to the circus! Is that really 'really' sad?

    Nina x

  2. You are never too old for the circus!!!

    Love Lou xxx

  3. What fun!

    I'm not bring the boys to NZ with me - just my MIL - that way she can make sure I come back to England!

  4. Every summer we have visited (too many times to mention) Circus Ricardo by the sea. Now they are no more as councils have placed too many expensive rules on travelling fairs. I feel really sad thinking about it as C.R was completely eccentric. A mad pantomime of a circus. The last story was about a mermaids ring being stolen by a bad pirate. The Clown saved the day in the end. Best summer day out by far.

    I think having kids is a great excuse to have the best days out ever Jus.

    See talked too much again.

    Lisa x