this week i've been mostly making...

Hot Water Bottle Covers!!! I can't stop.

I've managed 2 large cushions, 3 bottle covers, a patch for my jeans, a little drawstring bag that I wear on a piece of string around my neck when I haven't got a pocket, a shoe bag and I still have leftovers...all from a $5 single blanket and an old pillowcase.
Talk about loaves and fishes.

Watching; Easy Virtue. Loved it, and I am struck down with a big girlie crush on Kristen Scott Thomas, gorgeous. Did you know she speaks perfect French too? It's beautifully adapted from the Noel Coward play and well cast to say the least.

Listening: Charlie Parker, although I don't really do jazz. I've always put it in the same box as Country and Western, but I really enjoyed The Yardbird Suite. You have to be in the mood...I found Sunday lunch prep' and late night baking (where I'm alone in the kitchen and no-one is hovering hungrily) were the perfect settings. Normal service has now been restored with Joy Division and The Clash at the helm (mixed metaphor, but you get my drift), but who knows, there could yet be a place on my iPod for Kenny Rogers!

Reading; Sole Survivor, Derek Hansen. A very enjoyable read which I gobbled up in day or so.
Loners, remote island, Japanese fishing fleet, psycho analyst...excellent!


  1. Looking good, those hot water bottle covers will be great for those winter nights. Isn't it great how you make something from simple 'recycling'.
    I'd love to know what you thought of Eat, Pray, Love to Kenny Rogers, that *could* be pushing the boat out a bit too far!

  2. You can never have too many hot water bottle covers though do you have anything to put into them??

    Have a lovely day

    Nina x

  3. Easy Virtue was fabulous. Beautiful scenes visually and teh humour was really sharp. Oh to have been rich between the wars so I could be truly glamourous, reality I would have been a servant I think.

    Jazz - I used to be married to a jazz nut (youthful mistakes) who would play it endlessly. I loathe it so the joy now to turn off the radio if it ever dares enter our world. Mr Bun mind you loves Punk and Folk and odd mix. Me I'm a Northern Soul and Ska kind of girl amongst others. We meet in the middle with Dean Martin and Bing.

    Reading a great book you would probably love The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Literary Society. I'll leave you to look it up Jus rather than ramble any more.

    Lisa x