ta da!

I'm only here for a flying visit...since redundancy struck I've had to give up my lady hours and have taken on another THREE...count 'em, to keep those pennies rolling in.
Please believe me, it's not just blogging that has suffered. The sewing machine lies idle next to my camera, my paint brushes have dried up and died, I can't remember the last time I went a thrifting and 'dolly' has threatened to run off with a one legged action man recently home on leave from army manoeuvres under the bed.

HOWEVER....imagine my delight when I click clacked open my comment box to find that the lovely A Bun Can Dance had left me an award....I know! Thank you missus, you made my day.

So, onto the requested list;

7 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I have the sort of laugh that Esther Rantzen used to feature on 'That's Life', slotted in between the funny shaped veg and the jolly postman from Hampshire.
It starts out with a series of loud barks, incorporates a snort and a gurgling, gulping noise and finishes off with a Sid James dirty chuckle. I am incredibly envious of those tinkling bells, girlish, giggly types, however I lament that it may be too late to change now. On a positive note if you lose me in a throng, just ring my mobile, tell me a joke and then watch for the spot where the crowd clears and there are calls for a doctor.

2. I've been on T.V.
Back in the day, Slap was a bit of a muso and in my role as number one groupie I saw an awful lot of bands. At a live screening of 'The Word' on channel 4, I was filmed moshing to 'The Manic Street Preachers'. This in itself is no mean feat, however at the time of said mosh I had only just given birth to Lil, in fact
(look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition)
I still had the stitches in...yeuckkk!
Until three days ago, this fact ( T.V. not stitches) was just the stuff of urban myth, but extraordinarily, I now have proof of my 15 seconds. If you type into a youtube search, manic street preachers the word, and then click on the live performance 1991, you'll notice a very curly haired, large nosed woman laughing maniacally and 'having it large' before she is unceremoniously face planted onto the stage.....Good Times!

3. Which in a winding sort of meander brings me to unknown fact number three. I've had a nose job.
Not much to say here except it was big and bent, now it's medium sized and bent. I'll never win a beautiful nose award but at least people no longer pretend to have been poked in the eye if I turn around quickly!

4. When my cell phone rings it plays 'Smells like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana.
Not only is this my own personal homage to the rock god Kurt Cobain, but it's also in recognition of the fact that 90% of all calls made to my phone are from smelly teenagers.

5. My sister and law and I could have been separated at birth.
Although she has been my in law for at least 15 years now, due to a series of unfortunate events we only met a year ago and I'm so glad we did! We look alike, aspire to the same things, think alike, are obsessive op shoppers, make each other laugh heaps (although she is a girlish giggler) and have incredibly similar tastes. Strangest of all though is a shared admiration for odd men. I adore a skinny man with a speech impediment and K lusts after baldies with scars. Even stranger, neither of these images bears any similarity to the men we married...go figure?

6. I'm coeliac, which sucks!
I was diagnosed about 12 years ago and now forgo all things gluten, which sucks! Although there are now far more doughy treats available for the allergic amongst us, they are, inevitably, horribly expensive and I've yet to bake a gluten free cake that tastes as good as it's wheaty counterpart, which sucks! From time to time I throw caution to the winds and binge on bakery goods, however this always leaves me feeling rather poorly and sorry for myself, which sucks like a hoover!

7. I am prone to horribly embarrassing incidents.
I'm not sure why, but they just keep on happening. Around the dinner table the kids love to recount the cringingly embarrassing things I've done or situations I've found myself in over the years, but I'm about to divulge a hideous secret that still has the power to make me squirm in my seat.
When I was pregnant with Alf (third child), my regular check up with the doctor, on this occasion, required a breast check. No problem there except that it was a very cold day and so the subsequent removal of at least 5 layers of wool, a pair of dungarees and a bra that had suddenly acquired a padlock and key left me rather red faced and huffing. Add to this the rather odd technique employed by the doctor of checking my breasts whilst I was sitting on the bed rather than lying on it. Now, I'm no prude but I found the entire experience rather unnerving and by the time he'd finished I was beetroot in colour, sweating precociously and could barely look him in the eye!

Fast forward 3 this time I was huge, just about ready to pop. As an advocate of drug free/home birthing I was a little concerned at a sudden stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Worried that it may lead to difficulties during labour, off to the doctor I waddled. I explained my predicament, the doctor looked me in the eye and said the dreaded two words I'd hoped never to hear again....'BREAST CHECK'

This time however, I was ready ...determined to be that confident, empowered earth mother I whipped up my T shirt, thrust up my bra and glared at him.

"What on earth are you doing"

"You said breast check"

"No madam, I said best check"

Oh Lord, the shame....I'm squirming!!!


  1. Jus, you are hysterically funny! I had no idea when I nominated you for this award that you would have me laughing out loud at your mad capers! And having read these 7 pieces of mayhem, I now realise how justified I was in sending the award your way!
    Thank you for taking part with such spirit,
    Denise x

  2. Fantastic Jus - you have absolutely made my day!!

    And how brave of you to confess those things though I do have to ask - your brother married someone who looks like and could almost be his sister??

    Have a lovely day, sorry about the three job thing,

    thanks for the giggle,

    Nina x

    ps. I fogot to sing the kite song I was too busy trying to get a decent picture!!

  3. this was cute.. I laughed about the embarrasing prone trait.. I have that too.

    cheers :)

  4. Absolutely brilliant! I'm still laughing, I don't think I can say much else!

  5. Hilarous! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE embaressing stories. thankfully I remember none of my own although my friends have remarkable memories. I think I saw your nose on the YouTube vid...hee hee

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  7. Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...