moments #1

I recently read a couple of blogs where the prettifying of posts was alluded to. Although I really enjoy blogs where the photo's are all gorgeous and the writer's lives complete cheesecake (if I want gritty realism I'll watch the news), I do appreciate those real life posts where the untidy, embarrassing and bad tempered are celebrated too.
A Commonplace Life has decided to celebrate in style and I'm sure there's still time to join in her 'Moments' challenge if you feel up to it.
My moment... an early morning stop off on the way to the market where my tootsies found their way into shot. Normally I'd crop, but in the present 'keeping it real' climate I've left them in, shoddy home manicure and all!


  1. 'Oh' I dunno Jus, I think they look pretty ok to me - home manicure and all.

    Nina x

  2. Toes on the beach - that's what it's all about really isn't it?! ;-)

  3. I think they add to the photo. I'm so not up to studio photos and so many of us aren't professional photographers either.

  4. Oh to be toes up on a beach.... you lucky thing you!
    D x