i'm so excited i may vomit!

Tintin, Peter Jackson, Tintin, Steven Spielberg and Tintin!
P.S. Did I mention Tintin?
P.P.S When did Mr Jackson get so skinny and doesn't Mr Spielberg look a little like Santa?


  1. Well, PJ has lost weight, you're right! Our boys are very excited too, although Tintin mania is fairly normal in France. Benebar, one of our pop stars, was in a pop video with Tintin and Dupont et Dupond the other month.

  2. All out excitement over here too and we also spied the trailer for 'Where the Wild Things Are' last night too??

    Nina x

  3. your thankfullness for opposable thumbs on tif's blog had me almost incontinent!

    also wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten about volcano are talked about often as are your twiglet supply!

    speak soon xxx

  4. I browed without my glasses and it is late. These are my excuses for wondering why you had a picture of Chas and Dave with Tin Tin on your blog. How dippy you can be in a semi-blind state. I've put them on again now and the room is big once more.

    Hope you're doing well down there. About to look back and see what you've been up to of late.

    Lisa x