nee nah nee nah...

One of the reasons I love blogging so much is that you learn new things daily. Take vinegar for example...until 3 weeks ago it was just a condiment squirreled away in the pantry. Admittedly, I had at least 4 different types, but it was most definitely a foodie thing. The various vinegars are all still there, however there has been a wonderous addition and it lives in my first aid box...
Apple Cider it!
It is a curer of all and I'm a convert. There is only one downside, you do smell a little fish and chippy if you take too much, but that is really such a tiny 'con' when stacked up against all the amazing qualities of this wonder fuel.

I'm a huge believer in the healing qualities of food... and it's not just about comfort eating either.
I have garlic infused olive oil to be warmed and then dripped into sore ears; lemon, manuka honey and ginger for anything fluey, butterscotch for sore throats, lavender for the restless and salty water for everything else.

Just out of shot is a bottle of red wine, a nip of whiskey, organic dark chocolate and the entire back catalogue of Midsomer Murders on DVD... these however are 'adult only' medical supplies, to be enjoyed at leisure.


  1. Well goodness me! We used to gargle it for a sore throat. It sure did the trick. It's strong enough to scare most things off. Oh and nothing wrong with smelling of fish and chips, except it may leave a few people with a watering mouth.

  2. I've got an article on Cider Vinegar on my Cavy website on the virtues of it - not written by me admittedly, but it is good stuff. Manuka Honey is of course my cure all, as well as tea tree cream, ointment etc...!

  3. I use vinegar to clean, but whenever I use it I always have this urge to make some chips!!

    Nina x

  4. Vinegar truly is a wonder of all sorts! In the laundry to help with odors and as a fabric softener. A cleaner of all things. Of great health benefit and occasionally, quite tasty.

    The red wine and the chocolate plus a good dvd, now that will cure what ails you.

  5. Definitely agree about the medicinal power of chocolate. I also put manuka honey on cuts (and gargle with it) - I think it has great healing properties. For cleaning you can put lavender oil in the vinegar to counteract that frying tonight aroma - I also use distilled white vinegar which is not as pungent as the brown malt stuff!

    Pomona x