boxing clever...

"such pretty things"
It's been an age since I've thought about blogging; no discernible reason springs to mind, just a feeling of ennui when faced with the idea of posting. However, just like the smiling old bloke in the Viagra ad, I'm now pumped and primed and ready to roar... well whimper quite loudly anyway.
To be truthful nothing of any real consequence has taken place of late but in the same breath I can honestly say that life has never been fuller. If you imagine the last four weeks as a medium sized cardboard box, about as big as the one holding Walkers crisps at the cash and carry (salt and vinegar of course, I'm a purist), then my box is crammed full with:

garage sale booty

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but isn't there something really special about being the first one up a strangers driveway on a freezing Saturday morning, cash in one hand, takeout coffee in the other, dragon breath gusting as you clock a dealer who wrestled a stack of linen from you last week. Oooh, the thrill of the chase... especially when you come away with treasures like these...

rainbow chard

The veggie patch is still going strong, with this dark green leaf and its delightfully coloured stalks being my side dish du jours. Last night we enjoyed sticky BBQ chicken with creamy mash and sauteed chard... divine! I fry the stalks first with olive oil and onion before adding the ripped leaves, crushed garlic and a pinch of red chilli flakes, yum, yum, gobble, yum.

the world cup

Oh come on... it's fabulous! Do I care who wins... hmmmm? Can I name a single player on either the English or New Zealand squad.... ummmmm? Do I really, really want one of those howly horn, kazoo-ey type things... YES PLEASE!!!! I'd accept dinner with the Portugese team if nobody wants to give away their trumpet... even if they do look more like Il Divo than footballers.

excellent adventures that necessitate new outfits

What's the first thing you do when you find a diet that works?
Go shopping of course... an upcoming working holiday to Australia combined with some visible weight loss means that I'll be busting out a couple of new looks. Is the planning and anticipation always more satisfying that the actual event...absolutely! I work in the wine industry, not known for it's sartorial splendour, but who cares. I'll be rocking my op shop glad rags with bells on...
and yes, the look I'm going for is when Bear Grylls met a belly dancer...


  1. You really should be a writer! I loved this post, so glad to see you back and pumped up ready to box! Excellent outfits - I really can see you wearing those.

    We had the first of our chard for dinner last night - not as pretty as yours but still very tasty!

  2. Divine glass - hope no wrestling involved in that one. We're about to watch a DVD on this here pooter as the footie about to start. Mr Bun's on his own tonight so we've lined up Alfie the dog and a World Cup Willie to keep him company. I'll be impressed if you know who World Cup WIllie is Jus. Something expensive that he drove miles to buy that was made oh 44 yrs ago when ENgland last won.

    Lisa x

  3. Excellent trousers.

    I can identify with the jumble buzz. Mine gets stronger every time. I think it might be a thrill that grows with age but hey, I'm too old for radio one so I've got to get my kicks somehow.

  4. hiya great to have you back.. lovely clothes finds.

    Footie free zone here not interested don't care - there - I said it !

  5. Glass, outfits and men in black - in love with all of it. The chard, well, I need more leafy green but will only consume if it is sandwiched in a bacon cheeseburger. I'm riding my waistline luck as far as it will go.

  6. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only Tennyson fan in this virtual land - then along you come with The Lady of Shalott - it makes me happy to know you're a fan too!
    D x

  7. Awesomeness! All of it. What's your diet? I have found that this annoying plumpness that has settled 'round my middle will not budge, no matter how much butter laden pastry I eat!
    I do not want a horn, it would be immediately confiscated by the smallish one and we would all be driven completely mad with the never ending hooting!

  8. Great post. Love those footballers. I hear there is some big thing going on in South Africa but I am lovin' the eye candy emails more than anything...