rain rain go away...

When it rains in New Zealand, it properly rains!
No grey drizzle downunder... we've been lashed by tropical, steamy downpours; but they've passed as most things always do and I found these beauties lurking amongst the drooping leaves of the veggie patch.

Tomatoes are in the news here at present, which is something you don't get to say everyday.
With poor Queensland still in recovery mode after all that furious weather and flooding, farmers are predicting fewer crops, which of course leads to price hikes further on down the line. The fallout from this dreadful event just keeps on coming and our hearts go out to all those affected.
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As to what I did with the tomatoes... there was a lunchdate where we were joined by bocconcini, basil, red onion and some mild garlic oil. A large hunk of bread rushed in at the very last minute but as my Nana always said, the more the merrier...

P.S. Just wanted to say 'Kia Ora' to all the new readers, commentators and followers (when I told Slap I had followers he looked at me with disdain and called me a big head... there's nobody quite like a loving man to keep you grounded)... you are all very welcome and I'm looking forward to leaving 'weird or what' comments on your blogs soon... you have been warned!

P.P.S. Also wanted to say 'Churrr Bro!' to all the gorgeous lovelies who have been visiting for a while now, x

P.P.P.S. Does anyone else think that William Shatner is a comic genius?


  1. Churro and cockle doodle doo to you too! Genius? I don't know...comic smarty pants, sure!
    I have to go now, your photos are making me grumbly in the tumbly, too yummy!

  2. your tomatoes look good, I have to get some seeds soon...
    Can you send me your recipe from the soup you made last week, it looked so yummy

  3. hello my lovely

    oooooh i love the colours of that gorgeous pan and the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l tomatoes :o)

  4. It certainly does rain doesn't it? Still hopefully it is getting it all out of the way now, before I arrive.

  5. Hello Duckie - what a lovely salad with your finds.

    It's such awful stuff at the moment - we have none of the weather and floods (yet) but with the way the goverment keeps hiking up the prices over here it is getting pretty damn hard to live in a varied and healthy way.

    It cost me 20 quid to quater fill my car the other day - when I had my old mini - in the good old days it cost £8!!

    Sorry - think happy thoughts! JD, Legolas and a camper van cruise.

    take care hun,

    Nina xxx

  6. Can I come over and have a salad like that? It looks absolutely wonderful! Just a gorgeous salad!

    I'm so sorry you guys have had so much rain and flooding. We have hurricanes where I live (in Texas).

    I agree with Nina above. Think happy thoughts!