Cafe society

Half the fun of discovering a new favourite place is sharing it with someone else. As we drive through midday traffic I'm hopeful that Lorraine will enjoy 'Little & Friday' as much as I do.

She does!
This gorgeous little bakery/cafe is owned by Kim Evans and her philosophy of baking to make people feel good is working. Local customers donate cutlery, cups and saucers, and even teapots to the cafe, because they feel so much a part of what Kim is doing.

We devour our tea and cakes before racing home. Driving fast is a must when your car has no roof and rain clouds threaten to drop their load at any minute.

all photo's courtesy of Little & Friday.


  1. Ok, yes! I'm ready for tea and cakes!

  2. Yes I did indeed! Have to laugh at the racing home in the rain.

    Meant to phone you but had a couple of 'off' days. Home now and will email you properly soon.

    Thanks for a lovely afternoon, and sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up again.