Crepe-ity Crepe!

Last night we ate dinner with my mother and I was introduced to the delicious world of frozen crepes. I’ll interject here that I’m not a complete philistine… I’ve long been a lover of all things pancake, waffley and drop scone-ish but those wafer thin French crepes were always a little outside my comfort zone.
No more…  in a perfect world I’d be a soignée home cook with a chignon, stiletto’s and a pencil skirt but for the time being I’m defrosting these little beauties and serving up the quickest, easiest, most delicious pudding ever.
Last night we smothered our crepes with mascarpone and blueberries. Tonight I’m going seasonal with toffee apples and vanilla ice cream… Lordy, I’m drooling! 

If anyone is interested I have an easy-peasy DIY mascarpone recipe?

Blueberry crepes


  1. Ooohhhh yes please - recipe and crepes.

    Your be dousing them with brandy and flaming them at the table next.

    Watch out for your eyebrows though.

    Nina xxx

  2. They look lovely, shame they don't fit with my new fangled diet! Although the blueberries do :-)

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh looks great

  4. Hi, those crepes looks so good, I could eat them up from here.