Heavenly breakfast

Every so often the need for a Goddess day means I wear a lot of white linen, brush my hair and breakfast on muesli, yogurt and fruit.


  1. Are you really back or just being tantalising? Miss you and your humour in the blogosphere.

    Can you send some sun and inner goddess over here please. I'm grumpy, cold and have just announced I'm refusing to go to work tommorow as there's too much knitting to be done round here.

  2. I could do with some sun and inner goddess over here as well. Are you going to eat the bit of grass growing out of the middle of it as well? ;-D

  3. Is that all it takes to be a Goddess? I shall be wearing white from now on! The muesli, fruit and yoghurt are OK too, but although I live in a lovely part of Wales in the UK, there is not much of the idyllicness that you have! Ann x