I'm dreaming of a million big ones...

I love the ‘what would you do with a million dollars?’ game. Unfortunately, my family are sick to death of my need to document every last cent of my well thought out fiscal plan. They don't seem to understand that attention to detail is crucial when you’re dealing with that amount of imaginary cash.

“I’d just blow the lot on fast food and computer games” is a very frustrating (and worryingly unhealthy… bad mother, bad mother) answer. The other boy just rolled his eyes and grunted, although to be fair that is his stock answer to everything.

So….. What would you do?

Me… Well I won’t bore you with the excruciating details (unless of course you want me to, in which case I have a PDF saved on my computer which I’d be delighted to email you), suffice to say I’d open a little tea shop near the beach and I’d write a book.

My tea shop would be called Nana. I would only open Thursday and Friday from 10 til’ 3 and I would fill it with all my old china, cake forks and comfy chairs.

You would be encouraged to bring a book or your knitting and I would serve proper cake and buns… no cupcakes allowed!

I would definitely have a little garden out the back with a lemon tree and pots of herbs and veggies, and the local horticultural club would hold their monthly meetings there where I would supply the tea and a Victoria sponge in return for free cuttings and flowers from their gardens.

And the book..... TORRID!!!! Need I say more, actually yes... thank you mollysvintageteaparty!


  1. Well that would be a great way to spend money! I would love to travel all over the world and i would love not to have to work and volunteer! I would definitely visit your little teashop!
    Greetings all the way from Greece!

  2. That's what I would do too! Sounds idyllic ... don't want fast cars or posh holidays, just a peaceful, simple life! Have serious hut envy ... love from your newest follower, Claire xx

  3. My husband loves this game,then forgets to do the lottery! It always has a bit of a negative spin though when he ponders... if you gave money to a member of your family and they blew it, would you let them have more!
    I like your ideas better, Nana is a perfect name for a tea shop and count me in for a cuppa and a sticky bun, I'd bring my crochet too!
    Have a lovely day
    Rachel x

  4. Forgot to say, love the pretty forks and vintage china, perfect!

  5. What a beautiful dream Jus - what's stopping you making it a reality though?

    Nina x

  6. Oh I would come to that tea shop every week, sounds perfect.

  7. Will your tea shop be anywhere near my cottage in the country which will be half a mile from a secluded cove?