I am adrift.... computer has broken. It's in the fix-it shop and will be returned to its virus free self shortly. Until then I'm borrowing the internet from wherever I can.

Until normal service can be resumed I'm posting a teaser. Nana, my little boat, is getting a paint job and I'm inspired by.....

All aboard my tiny, wooden gypsy rowboat!!


  1. This will make me well Jel. I live wagons!!! Dying to see what your boat looks like. X x

  2. OK I hope you can see this, bloggio awardio with your name on it over at mine. You need to copy the blog award image, post it on yours, say who awarded you it and then come up with seven facts about yourself.

  3. Ah yes! I can picture it now ! I'm so pleased you're a dreamer of Gypsy caravans too :-)
    Good luck with the blimming 'puter !!!