Helee, Hello!

Gosh, Sorry, I know, it's been an age but I'm back.
What with 'puter virus, desert islands, back ache and a whole 10 days to catch up on at work... well it's been busy!

Just wanted to drop in today and say a big HELLO to old and new followers and a monster THANK YOU for the recent awards, you are both too kind!

Just a few images from Fiji below (photo's coming) and a better post to follow soon, I promise.

Righto, back to the grindstone.....

Hindu temple, Nadi

South Sea Island

Garden of the Sleeping Giant


  1. Wow! Fantastic photos ... looks like you had a fab time! Welcome back xxx

  2. Oh that looks simply dreamy! I LOVE the sea so much and dream of Fiji. Was it totes amazing? Do you hae a tan?
    Just got back meself from a lush 16 nights in the South of France with my family. Amazing it was.
    "Speak" soon
    x x x x x

  3. bula I hope you had a great time, I know where some of those photos were taken.

  4. Oh good gravy those photos are amazing! I can't wait to see more!

  5. Oh Fiji looks like the place for me! Lovely photos x