I'm so excited I may vomit!

I received a letter from Radio NZ, they want to buy my story.

I am dumbfounded, but so incredibly happy. They are going to read it out at some point, on the radio, with proper actors. If I wasn't so well mannered I'd swear loudly. Slap has mooted the idea of a radio party where the usual suspects gather together, drink, laugh and surf the airwaves (note the priority please), however I'm not sure I could handle that. A bit too "show off", what do you think?

My idea is just we two and the children, a large bar of chocolate and a sick bag (always a given when you introduce excess sugar to an over excited, bouncing, middle-aged woman!)



  1. Wow you've changed into one serious sexy pink beast and a very talented one too. Good the world has just do it women like you in it Jus.


  2. Well done that bird!!! You must be well chuffed. Believe in yourself. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!!
    Wonder what happened to Snap...


  3. Oh yeah! I'll finally be able to tell DS2 that I have rubbed shoulders with a celebrity! ;-D

  4. Thats great news, if you can't blow your own trumpet now when else.

  5. Yay! Good for you, Jus !
    I'm v proud of you dear Aunty xx

  6. Hi Justine
    This is very very exciting and obviously well deserved. I heard some of these on National Radio the other day. I hope I can catch yours. Well done.