Bye Bye Baby...

Morning sun on the seawall
 Sunrise/Sunset, it’s the inevitability that I enjoy. I’m an organiser, a list writer, an anal retentive (who said that!). I like to know exactly what’s next and if there are any spontaneous happenings, then I like to be the one managing them. So it is with huge trepidation that I step right out of my comfy pants. I’m closing down the Beach Hut and starting again in a tiny house by the sea. Vintage Bach, Pataua. A 1940’s holiday cabin built on a sand dune. It’s a little tired, a funny colour and just seventy square metres, but Crikey Dick! the potential. Just sixteen paces to the water’s edge with a huge back yard, original wooden floors and a view so spectacular it makes your teeth ache. Eventually, we’ll live there, but all in good time. I’ll be posting our journey over on Facebook, please follow me here. For now though, Ta Ra…it’s been a blast jx


  1. You go girl, can't wait to see more, envious? Oh yeah!

  2. That's like leaving us on a cliff hanger!

  3. Noooooo...stay....I miss you. I left Facebook. Loved your blog. did you love Great Keppel???!