Is there anybody out there?

So, I've taken rather a huge blogging break...
Family drama, changing jobs, houses, location you name it we flipping changed it! But now we have settled, a little further north and with a lot more room. It's a draughty old villa on 2 acres in the middle of nowhere where I hope to create a self sustainable lifestyle. I've started blogging again, it's very early days and it's still feeling a bit lonely as I abandoned my blogger family when the wagon came off the rails. I do apologise, but sometimes life throws such a tantrum that the only way through is to shut down and start again.

Anyway, enough of all that. I would be absolutely delighted if you have a moment and would like to pop over and say hello. I've started a new blog so please click on the link.  You can find me here at one thirty one.
Jus x