midnight feast

Last night we snacked like queens. Huge mugs of hot chocolate and flapjack. I borrowed Sumea's recipe from here with just a couple of changes; I used butter and added hazelnuts to the mix. Divine, thanks Sumea. Our late night feasting was to accompany 'Marie Antoinette'. I adore this film. You can't beat the masked ball where the costumed dancers twirl to the Siouxie and the Banshees tune 'Hong Kong Garden'.

I used to be a punk a long, long time ago and I still find a brief pogo-ing session can be very cathartic. Unfortunately, my one minute dance parties are rather lonely affairs these days (rocking out mother + teenage children = totally disowned). Still, you can't keep an old punk down so,

I'm off now for a lie down in a darkened room!


  1. Well done on the flapjacks, love the photo's, particularly the swirly dancey ones. I used to be a bit of a punkette too ;o)

  2. Oh my goodness! You can't believe how envious I am of your beach.....!!