so corny...

Another Sunday, another barbeque, another way to serve corn, (it's in season so is only .65c a cob)

Denude the corn by pulling down the husk, losing the stringy bits and then carefully dress them up again. I like to whistle 'Patricia the Stripper' whilst doing this but it's not compulsory. Soak the cobs in water for about 10 minutes before placing two strips 0f streaky bacon on either side of each bright yellow cob. Season.
Wrap the corn cobs back in their husks and tie them with string. They take about 30-50 minutes to really depends on the size of the cobs and the heat of the barbie. You need to keep them turning as the the husks will burn in a flash. It doesn't matter if they go black though, just adds to their straight off the barbie charm.

I keep flavoured butters in my freezer and these cobs go really well with sage butter or garlic. My personal favourite though is chilli. Pull back the scorched husks and dot the corn and bacon with the frozen butter. A quick squirt of lime and a little more salt and pepper and you are hot to trot.

I managed a before photo but the locusts descended before I had a chance to snap an after shot.

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  1. sounds delicious, I have to omit the bacon though being vege. I have been reading about all the good films you've been watching, must look them up. I really like your blog ( have just mentioned you over at mine). You are so lucky, lucky, lucky to live where you do.
    Hope you have a beautiful day