school dinners

I love a theme and this one has my tummy rumbling.

For me, a school dinner was all about the 'afters'. I have hazy memories of cheese quiche with concrete pastry, cold cottage pie and carrots, liver and bacon with lumpy mash; but they were really just a necessary evil to be gobbled up as quickly as possible so as to be first in line in the pudding queue.

Jam roly-poly, Spotted Dick, apple and rhubarb crumble all drizzled with hot runny custard. Iced chocolate squares with squirty cream, iced yellow squares with pink shaving foam, rice pudding with a dollop of jam, quivering strawberry blancmange, tinned fruit salad with Angel Delight, ice cream sandwiches with bright pink wafers, banana custard...good grief I'm drooling!

My personal favourite though was a bread and butter pudding made with marmalade and baked until crisp and toasty on top but still gooey beneath.

Deep joy, (sigh)


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Wow!!! Where you live looks wonderful. I'll be back to visit soon.


  2. oh yum! Those puddings sound delish!!! (not sure about the lunches though ;o)!)

  3. HI
    What a life you are leading and how dfferent to SE22!! The world is a small place.
    Yes the blue Mountain cafe is still gong strong and serving all it's old specials and a lot more. It also has a very trendy sweetshop next door to it called Hope and Greenwood they also have a blog.
    Lordship lane now competes with W11, N1 and SE4 to become a trendy place to live, and is overflowing with little cafes and individual shops and it's winning in it's mission.
    Thanks for adding me, I will follow your blog life with envy. NZ is a place I would love to visit, but I fear it would be a place I wouldn't want to leave.

  4. Oh YES! Apple and Rhubarb Crumble! Please! With ice-cream! Your place looks really gorgeous!!!