3 rooms, 7 pieces of furniture, 1 elbow

A whirlwind of activity is the only way to describe the last few days. A rugby tour has nabbed both husband and small child leaving me to prepare alone for the latest addition to the household (I would have liked to pop in a sentence or two about the helpfulness and hardwork of the two remaining children...but I'd be fibbing...enough said!)

The sum total:
3 bedrooms painted, +
3 desks, 2 bedsides, 2 mirrors restored and/or painted, +
1 bed, 2 shelf units, 1 wardrobe inner, 1 blind bought, assembled and fitted, +
2 cushions covers, 2 pairs of curtains, 1 doona sewn, =
1 woman cream crackered, 1 self diagnosis of tennis elbow (although the nearest I've ever been to Wimbledon is an over eating incident involving strawberries and cream), 1 terrifying moment when I thought I'd gone grey overnight, 1 lesson learnt...always wear a headscarf when painting the ceiling, 2 kg's lost (if you find them please don't return) and 1 incredible feeling of achievement!

The carpet is still to go down, furniture has to be moved and the final touches are needed but here are some 'before' photo's and I'll post the 'after' as they happen.

The addition to the household? An eleven year old Korean homestay student...I get a lump in my throat when I think about this. He arrives Thursday lunchtime, straight from the airport, a strange country, unknown family, alone with just a smattering of English and he's only eleven. I struggled when my eighteen year went to the Gold Coast for a must his parents be feeling? Anyway, he has now got a cosy room that he'll share with Alf and I've picked the brain of my local Asian shopkeeper and stocked up on Korean treats.

This weeks list:

Read; Atonement. Hmmm, I have to say I enjoyed Enduring Love far more than I did this. In fact, I preferred the film version and that is the first time that's ever happened.

Watched; Breakfast on Pluto. Please watch this, it's fabulous. the costumes, the script, the lead actor... all amazing!

Found; Coastal Living online magazine. Beautiful photo's.

Ate; A Double Decker! This little piece of English chocolately heaven is now available in my local supermarket. Admittedly, a single bar costs as much as a frozen chicken but just the knowledge that this scrumptious treat is readily available has lifted my spirits enormously. When Twiglets arrive life will be complete.

Missed: Big man and little man very, very much...roll on Wednesday.


  1. Hi Jus
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It is great to find yours...seems we have lots of common interests. I loved Atonement and Enduring Love which I bought for my bookgroup and no one else liked it and I felt a little odd but great to know someone else loved it too. Which wine stand were you on? I think I visited them all at the food show. Nothing like being a bit tipsy by 10.30 in the morning. Cheers Sally

  2. What a busy girl you have been! No wonder your elbow is sore. Aren't children just so helpful? (NOT) Glad it is not just mine ;-)

    How exciting and daunting having an exchange student? I'm sure he will be just fine with you.

    Thanks for putting up with my grumbles the other day!

  3. We just might have said Hi. We were there early so got to talk food and wine with lots of people. As they day wore on it got a bit too 'grabby'. I love Brown Brothers wine so there is a great chance we did share a tasting moment or smile. Life is cool like that.

  4. twiglets! is it against quaruantine laws(!) to send you some? sharing twiglet love is high on my priority list!!!

    let me know....

    oh and well done for your hard work!

  5. I've taken twiglets into NZ, so I'm sure you can send some. I'm happy to send you some as well! As to your tennis elbow I think they recommend alternating hot and cold packs.

    I've just used hot wheaty packs you heat up in the microwave. Don't stop using it, but don't do any repetitious movements such as those that irritated it.

  6. I didn't like Atonement the book, but thoroughly enjoyed the film. With Enduring Love it was the other way round - love love loved the book but the film was not great.

    Good luck with the little exchange student! I was an exchange student once, but it was to an English speaking country AND I was 17 not 11.

  7. Crikey! I feel exhausted after reading that.
    I love Twiglets :o)

    p.s keep us posted on the exchange student awwwwww