april lists...

A very strange thing has happened...I'm alone! They are in Australia, at the skate park, at the library and still in Korea. Right now though, there's no one here but me and I like it.

Watching: In my fathers den. The twisted lives of small town New Zealander's.
I enjoyed this film, although I still think RAIN is unbeaten in this genre. It's left me with a question though, if the actor chosen for the lead is not the same nationality as his character should the film maker
a) insist on a Dick van Dyke attempt
b) attempt to shrug off the disparity (even though it's fairly unlikely that a man would lose all trace of an accent after just 10 or so years away)
c) completely ignore it?

Painting: An old school desk for a brand new bedroom.

Making: I loved my Easter tree so much I've decided that it's needed all year round, festooned with shell rings though rather than eggs.

Baking: Another birthday cake...why were we all born in April? Apricot and almond upside-down


  1. How lovely to be alone! Hmm, I wonder where I can ship my family off to? Hadn't heard of these films, must look them up.

    Don't forget to take before and after photos of your desk!

  2. Hello
    I'm just catching up here after a looooong bout of flu
    I missed you
    I enjoy alone time too
    A shell tree sounds lovely

  3. Hiya again! The Cherry Trees are at the front of the garden - they are really beautiful, but you can pretty much guarantee it will rain as soon as they flower and yes it is raining here!

    I used to LOVE Browns Bay, as you say it is well planned out and yes I remember the Emporium! It has been there for years in one form or another I guess.


  4. Hello! I like your to-do list. There is nothing like the aspirational lists for filling time spent alone, is there? How are you getting on with reading Atonement? I haven't read it for a long time, but I remember being totally gripped by it. Ian McEwan is such a great writer! Wishing you a Happy Weekend. Denise

  5. Hi Jenn
    Hope you are managing to beat that rotten cold. Your resistance was probable a bit low after your recent accident. Hope you are looking after yourself with lots of honey and lemons and good books.
    Wishing you a goood weekend