a happy widow twankee

Check out my super stylish washing line...I KNOW!
A Ben Sherman duster coat with a sea shell pink lining and a beautiful silk skirt detailed with handmade lace, all picked up for a veritable song (or $65 if you'd prefer me not to sing).

Happiness is... a newly discovered pre-loved clothes store (that's Kiwi for secondhand...far nicer don't you think?), especially when it's called Princess Nicola's and the staff are wonderfully friendly. That's what I call retail therapy.

Now all I need is a decent iron, a party invitation and I'm hot to trot...


  1. They are gorgeous with a capital 'G'!!

    And I love the saying 'pre-loved clothes store' indeed far nicer than second hand.

    take care,

    Nina x

  2. Lovely Jus. NZ had some good 'preloved clothes' shops. My MIL went mad when she went over there in 2000. There were some really good ones in Orewa and Browns Bay if I remember rightly. I wonder if they are still there...

    Better still we want to see them modelled! ;-)