monday recipe 2

"Be careful what you wish for", is the moral of this story. I mention the need for a party invitation and three turned up quick split! This of course is reason to celebrate...the problem arose because I had to find the iron. I loath ironing, I put it on a par with bikini waxes and participation in the mothers' race at Sports Day.
We lived on the Isle of Wight for a time and I remember a mother whose place, in the small village hierarchy, was marked by her seemingly untouchable ability to take 'the gold' every year. Known as Quick Nic (all year round), she would start warming up during the 4x4 relays before stripping down to lycra shorts and a muscle vest. Perhaps this was tactical, it certainly intimidated the hell out of me; I'd be almost hyper-ventilating before the starter called 'GO!'
Anyway, I clothes ironed, dancing shoes polished, champagne sipped, a couple of very enjoyable evenings complete with delicious meals and a cinematic girls night out.
I'm back now though, crumpled and wrinkly and I've hidden the iron.

Nearly forgot the recipe!

Unfortunately, I didn't take the camera so you'll just have to imagine the end result, sorry.

Broadbean and Lemon slurry.
I enjoyed this with Tarragon basted chicken and herb gnocchi at a lovely restaurant last week. Luckily, we were accompanied by a chef who was able to tell me how to make this superb side dish at home.
So easy, cook the beans as you usually would, remembering to shuck them from their little grey jackets.
Then gently crush them adding a slug of virgin olive oil, freshly sqeezed lemon juice and a little of the zest and season generously.

I thought I'd photograph my favourite breakfast can't beat a poached egg, toasted muffin, Daddie's sauce combo.


  1. You wouldn't get me anywhere near any Mums races. I used to come first at the wrong end as a child,let alone add to humilation as an adult - Forget it!

    Yum, I love the breakfast!

  2. I always bail out and hide at any mum's race - 'oh' the humiliation!! Some things just 'aint meant to wobble.

    Love the recipe and the 'muffin' breakfast (excuse the phrase)

    take care,

    Nina x