i'm loving this book!

The blue and white check blanket on the bed has been replaced by an extra is SO COLD!
I've found an even better use for it though, 'Homemade' cushions.
Such a gorgeous book, I've been inspired all over again. My next project is the hot water bottle covers made with remnants of the blanket and some fluffy white fleece.

I'll post a better photo tomorrow...I think they need their close up in the sunshine.


  1. Gorgeous cushions Jus. Perfect colour!

    I spoke to Dad last night and he seems quite positive and upbeat, Mum more pessimistic, she wanted to tell me more, but Dad came back in so we will have to wait and see. He has to go and see an oncologist.

  2. What a beautiful cushion. I'm very into Blue & White at the moment. I love your blog.