tagalicious, baby!

Sorry about the title, Ricky Gervais in 'The Office Christmas Special' got me thoroughly over excited!

So the delightful Serenata over at The Balancing Kiwi just tagged me with '6 unimportant things that I love' here goes,

1) Pretending I'm a wine buff.

I do a bit of work for an Australian winemaker from time to time and although I've always loved the stuff I've never been a connoisseur. I'm still not really, but I do get to attend some wine tasting events and I absolutely love doing the loud, slurpy, sucking noise that comes just before the spit.

2) Collecting shells.

When I go to the beach I bring home a shell. I have a huge jar by the door which is filled with my seaside treasures and it is regularly plundered for projects. Right now, it's a shell curtain.

3) The last clap.

This is a little embarrassing but there is something that I truly love doing. Being the last person to clap at a public event where there is an audience and applause. Strange but true.

4) Finding a bargain.

I get so much joy from op shops, garage sales, etc. However, what really floats my boat is when I nab something wonderful for a fraction of its retail value.

5) Accents.

I love pretending to be Welsh. Actually, I am Welsh by blood but I was brought up in the South of England and have a very nondescript, monotonous sort of a voice so nothing makes me happier than a day of lilting loveliness. It drives my family mad but it is so much fun!

6) Snogging.

Need I say more?

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  1. Excellent Jus - much better than mine - being tagged made me panic!

  2. Nothing better than a right god snog!!! I am more of awino than a wine buff!! but i'd love to learn more about wine. I love a good bargain and very rarely pay full price for anything!! xxx