i'm floating on a chocolate cloud up in twiglet heaven...

I arrived home today to find 3 parcels waiting on my doorstep.

In a frenzy of excitement I slashed at the sellotape and peeled back paper.
Alf just stared in bemusement as, laughing maniacally, I threw bags of twiglet's, chocolate bars and an owl into the air.

THANK YOU Beautiful Blogstars...Lorraine, Nina and Sumea!

P.S. In the time it took me to write this I have devoured 1 and 3/4 bars of Caramac and most of a bag of Twiglets. There is no one home to stop the madness...

There's a very good chance that the next post may contain the words,

Hello, I'm Jus and I'm a Twigaholic.


  1. Yeah Jus, he arrived! Though slow down for only one reason (boring I know!!) - it will be another three months to receive another stash of Twiglets and Caramac!

    Nina x

  2. This made me smile! I thought it would be something from ebay and what a surprise to see these goodies inside! I lived in Australia for 5 years and know what it's like to miss these yummies! Enjoy!

  3. So glad they arrived! Now calm down and don't eat them all at once ;-) As Nina said, it could be another three months before the next stash arrives!

  4. Green and Blacks - nothing quite like it. We have taken to buying their cooking chocolate, melting and mixing in the fairy cake mixture. YUM YUM

  5. I discovered twiglits the other day when an English colleague at work brought them in for a work shout. I became seriously addicted and spent the day passing by his desk pinching 'just one more'. Yay you. Eat up and enjoy. p.s. I send jaffas and pineapple lumps to my sister inlaw in England. It is all about our childhood memories I think.

  6. I'm with you on the Twiglets. Can't get enough. They're knobbly and bobbly and taste of Marmite. Good reasons to eat them.