no, i won't be handing out flowers at the airport...

I've joined the Ooooby's. Slap misheard me and thought I'd joined the Moonies, which made me laugh long and hard!

Ooooby (Out of our own back yards) is a network of food gardeners and locavores.
Ooooby members are part of the food revolution that is building massive momentum every day. Millions are returning to their own backyards and embracing the once declining skill of food growing.

The bit I'm really looking forward to is the swap and barter part of the network; if I can find a local Oooobyite with a glut of limes I'll be in Mojito heaven. Click on the link above to join the Ooooby's too...I promise, there's not a flowing robe or tambourine in sight!

I've always thoroughly enjoyed having a veggie patch, although I can't say I've ever been so successful that visits to the green grocer were no longer required. At present we are cultivating a very clay bound patch of land. I've planted potatoes in an effort to break the soil down a little and I would post a photo' but, to be honest, it's a little uninspiring at the moment. So, please make do with a few photo's of last summer's garden goodies.


  1. Ooooby doo!!

    Sounds like a great idea though I'm with you on the limes - Mojito's yum.

    Have a great day,

    Nina x

  2. Ooooby doooby do!

    I used to grow all our veges as well in another life, but gave up trying to over here, the soil is terrible, too hard to dig, never seemed especially successful, but we get lots from my MIL which is good. If we ever move I will try again.

    Have fun!

  3. Oh my word, what a cool name, I must join. I've just looked at their site and there are people from England. I've posted a couple of garden items on my blog and my daughter has shown off her Joules carrots on their blog. I've also been boring everyone with my lecture on why don't people use their own back gardens to grow veg, most of ours is grown in our raised beds due to builders rubble, but the Ooooby's sound like fun and for the everyday folk.
    Must be off now to study the Oooobyites. Don't forget to read my post about the Rag Nest.