thai for two and two for thai...

Occasionally I miss babies. The way their little heads fit perfectly under your chin and their warm, sweet smell.
Just before the broody moody hits though, Slap and I get an afternoon off because all our grown up babies are doing their own things; so we kick up our heels and thoroughly enjoy an adult afternoon.
What better finish to the day than a steaming hot bowl of Pad Thai. I've tried various recipes and the best one so far came from the incredibly clever 'chezpim', a favourite recipe blog.
Today, however was all about decadence so we enjoyed a restaurant prepared Thai banquet.

Good times!!

courtesy of flickr

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  1. Mmmmmmmm Pad Thai that looks delicious.

    Nina x

    ps. I dream of the grown up days though we did get a little sozzled with some friends last night and do the old dance around in bare feet to eighties music!!! No 'jump around' though - this time. N xx