time to stop and smell the daffs'

I'm sitting quietly at my desk.
The children are playing monopoly and chatting about homework.
The radio is tuned to the classical station and wafts of a hearty beef stew emanate from the kitchen.
I'm handed a glass of room temperature red wine and then, just like Bobby Ewing, I find myself in the shower and realise it's all a dream!!

Reality bites....

A row about car keys brews whilst the boys whip each other with tea towels.
The washing machine has sprung a leak and the dishwasher has collapsed in sympathy.
Apparently, store bought lasagne tastes like pants and the calls for pizza vie with The Simpsons and Lil' Wayne?!? Don't ask.
Redundancy has reared its ugly head, the local beaches are poisoned and that glass of red wine is in danger of becoming a bottle, or two.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

On the upside I picked the first daffodils of the season today and found one of my old watercolours, which has cheered me magnificently!!!

Tune in tomorrow for a photo of the prettiest dress....ever.


  1. Oh Jus, I know exactly how you feel - that sounds like my day 'every day'

    Just keep on hold of that Bobby Ewing moment!!

    Nina x

    ps. redundancy reared it's ugly head here back in April - scary stuff of horror movies, but do you know what it was the best thing that could happen!

    take care hun xox

  2. That sounds better than my day already! YS has just been nasty to me - whats new?

    Hubby was made redundant in 2002 which has been both a blessing and a curse in its various guises.

    But the sun is shining and it is going to be a hot one today!


  3. I was completely drawn in by your first paragraph. Living over here in old rainy Blighty our vision of NZ is paradise. It's all sounding a bit crazy, poisoned beaches, daffodils in August? Oh well reality hits. I am really pleased that you like the badges, I have been getting some great feedback. Everything is a bit slow at the moment but I think I just need to be patient while the Adele Design image builds up. Can't wait to see the dress.

  4. Hi Jus!
    I have to admit I stared and stared at your daffodils - it puzzles me somewhat that you have the opposite season to ourselves! Sounds like you could do with a nice sit down and feet up in a lovely beach hut just watching the waves roll in..... Take care, I hope the redundancy issue soon goes away....
    Happy days
    Denise x

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