well, hello dolly!

I've always quite fancied being the willowly, sad, romantic type, a la The French Lieutenant's Woman or Sylvia Plath, however after 3 days of feeling sorry for myself I've come to the conclusion that all that maudlin, introspective gloom is far too much like hard work.
Happy Days are here again!!

I'd like you to meet 'Dolly at the draining board!'

I promised you the prettiest dress in the world and here it is in all it's housecoat glory.
My recent Melbourne adventure left my credit card pleading for sympathy as I discovered some amazing vintage stores; this little number is one of many to be modelled by the delightful Dolly in the upcoming weeks.
What adventures we have planned, I've promised her a couple of trips to the beach too, if she plays her cards right.

Now I'm whispering this so as not to hurt Dolly's feeling...she wasn't actually my first choice as a muse.

I have a beautiful teenage daughter who would look simply lovely in my housecoat, however she seems to have been stapled to her bed this weekend and even offers of croissant (usually a fail safe bribe) have fallen on deaf ears.

Then I tried Alf, as the skinny youngest son I thought as long as I cut off his head in the shot he'd still fill the dress quite nicely, however the suggestion was met with some lip trembling, wild eyed stuttering and that was just his father.

I even attempted some self portraits, but you can't be your own muse...especially when the camera seems to develop a fault when I'm in front of it and will only take shots with it's wide angled lens...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So, it's just me and Dolly, which is actually quite nice. She never complains, is very complimentary about all the photo's and finds me incessantly interesting and excruciatingly funny.

Infact, I would thoroughly recommend a Dolly... top totty!


  1. Dolly is fab Jus, though I would far prefer to have seen your son in it - head chopped and all! If he is anything like mine it would have been a whole 'drama' and well worth the laugh - blokes!!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  2. Hello Jus
    I LOVE your dress - I want it!!! You lucky thing, it is delightful. And as for Dolly, she is a star in the making. I have her twin here in my sewing room, also called Dolly and always happy to provide a bit of substance to whichever dress I am making, whether it's her size / colour or not.
    Happy Monday!
    Denise x

  3. I think my hubby would think I have definitely lost the plot if I bought Dolly's friend. Mind you it would be nice to have someone to talk to about all my crafts & sewing ideas.

    The dress is gorgeous.

    Hope you are feeling less maudlin now.

    You have captured the imagine of your daughter in bed perfectly! It must be a teenager/18 thing!

  4. This is a really fun read, love the dress. Dolly is obviously a great friend, I hope we see more of her. In reply to your comment about the article 'I WISH''