movie poster makeover...

I have been hanging out for this weekend!
It's been so busy recently that I feel I've barely spent a minute at home, and I've missed it horribly.
Today though has been perfect. It's overcast and gloomy, so the siren call of the beach has been easily ignored. I've sewn, painted, glued and just generally pottered....bliss!

This is the perfect project for a grey day.

Buy some cheap and cheerful movie posters (I found mine on Trade Me, $5 each)

Paint a couple of canvasses and mount the posters.

Hang above your blogging bay and enjoy!

Have a perfect, pottering weekend!


  1. Sounds perfect Jus and and I love the makeover - I have a 'thing' for movie posters at the moment!!

    Enjoy your weekend - I've only just got up!!

    Nina x

  2. Love the posters, sounds like you have had a good morning thrifting! I'm off out later to the local carboot. Haven't been for ages.

    Have a brilliant weekend relaxing.