tuesday morning psych 101...

I recently handed in a paper concerning the universal facial expressions shared by human beans and quite a few monkies worldwide (the exception to the rule here is the lady on the infomercial selling collagen pills, she only has one expression it seems...stunned mullet).
It appears this is a subject that has found it's way into the US crime show genre, as I caught an episode of 'Lie to Me' on TV recently where Gary Oldman (what the! first Hughie on House, now Gaz, has the world gone mad) found the baddies by studying blown up photo's of Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein and Britney Spears.... still if the FBI can solve crimes with a couple of mad professors and a maths book who am I to argue?

Here are the things causing my face to contort in a universal manner this week;

Disgust: Hearing my son speak, with awed reverence, about a boy at school who pooed in a pencilcase!!!!!!!!!!!
This disgusted me on so many levels I don't even know where to begin, suffice to say the conversation about appropriate behaviour, role models and consequences was a lengthy one.

Surprise: New Zealand has an inorganic collection every now and again. In a nutshell, if you have rubbish you would normally hire a skip for, don't! On collection day just pop it all on the street and the council will whisk it away, free of charge. I love 'inorganic', as my neighbours throw away the most excellent stuff, it's like an enormous free garage sale. My reputation as a rubbish junkie seems to be spreading though, as imagine my surprise when 2 lovely pieces of furniture were deposited on my verandah by a couple of strapping young men. Slap has taken to calling me Fagin....hmmm, the bit of large nose which is no longer there has started itching.

Anger: I pay an extortionate amount for broadband, far more than is right and fair...however by the 3rd week in every month we have dropped back to dial up speed as we have exceeded our usage amount. Bloody ridiculous...I'm stopping here as otherwise I will rant and rave and all my paranoid ramblings about 'the man' will have you hitting the off switch immediately.

Happiness: I have an old-fashioned pen pal thanks to a bun can dance and her letter swap. Tonight is book club and I am hosting it.
Even though redundancy sucks, it means I have someone to walk on the beach with everyday, someone who cooks me dinner everyday, someone to chat to on the phone when work gets a bit boring, who does the housework/washing/shopping everyday, and is becoming so bored with his own company that he finds me and my day incredibly interesting and his eyes don't slide even if the football is on.
Selfish, moi?

Sadness: I bawled last night at the masterpiece theatre edition of "A room with a view'. I don't know why as I've seen it with Bonham-Carter et al, and although sad it didn't affect me like the Timothy Spall version. Is Rafe Spall his son...? Whatever, I loved him in the role of George...he was almost stalker like, creepy but still rather attractive.

Fear: Ever since a letter came home from school warning of the nit pandemic currently screaming through the classrooms I can't stop itching. I'm pretty sure it's psychosomatic as the kids are all liceless, but I'm too frightened to look as my love of all things squeaky clean would mean the only course of action that would appease my OCD, would include shaving my head. I kid you not!


  1. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning - got to rush now otherwise I'll be late for school - oops!

  2. Wow, this certainly kept my attention. I couldn't wait to read the next section. Social History at it's best. NITS - I understand completely.

  3. So many expressions Jus but which one is your face?!

    A fab list and 'yep' my face is puling the digust one at the mo' thinking of the poo in the pencil case and I would defi'nit'ely shave all my hair off if I had lice!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  4. Head shaving?? Please don't do it!!
    You do make me laugh out loud, so very entertaining. I'll have to check out this modern version of A Room With A View, given it is one of my obsessions - hadn't heard of it before. So happy that you are happy with the letter swap..... Can't wait to hear how people get on.
    Happy week, dear Jus!
    Denise x
    PS: I am green with envy about your 'inorganic collection' and the furniture appearing on the doorstep......

  5. Hello there - so good to meet you! Thanks for popping over. I like the sound of your inorganic day - that's what the French ponderously call 'dechets encumbrable' although I have quite possibly spelt that wrong. I spent the last 'dechets' day cycling round town looking at all the heaps of stuff, but this time (unusually) stopped to pick up nothing. I did spot one woman cycling past me that evening with a lamp shade I'd been wondering about earlier... It's like Freecycle on the pavements!

  6. Hello Jus, Happy Weekend!
    Can you help me out? I would like to create the 3 columns on my blog just like you have done, but can't work out from blogger how to do this.... now I know it's probably very easy, but I don't seem to be able to find out how!!
    I feel the need to tidy up my blog - far too much in the sidebar on the right - I want 2 sidebars so I can tidy up!!
    Thank you in advance!
    Denise x

  7. Oh you are a STAR !!
    Thank you for the top tip.... I had a memory somewhere that you had blogged about such things!
    I shall be exploring this weekend...
    D xx

  8. Re your comment on my blog - my big boy spent 3 months in NZ earlier this year - do you think he left some of his shorts behind?!

    Thank you for visiting anyway, and hope you are surviving motherhood of big boys!

    Pomona x