three hail mary's at least...

Lustful thoughts are naughty I know....but check out this little beauty?

Number 1 on the list of 'things I didn't know about myself'...I'm incredibly attracted to old caravans, thank you flickr.


  1. Mmmmmmm - I get it, I soooooo get it!!

    Nina xxxxx

  2. Ah yes, so lovely in that Autumnal setting. It is just the kind of caravan I spent my childhood holidays in, with my family - of course not so much fun on the days it rained and everyone got on each other's nerves! My Mum used to spring clean the caravan when we arrived (it was rented of course) not because the caravans were dirty but she had to know she'd cleaned it herself before we were allowed to settle in! So what do I do when we rent a cottage/flat, etc.......? Well of course!
    Anyway, dear Jus, you may like to pop over to Loving the as the very nice blogger there is in the process of renovating not one, but two vintage caravans......... Okay, I hear your envy.....
    Happy weekend to you!
    Denise x

  3. Now you’ve got me worried, because I get it as well!

    Have a fab weekend love Lou xxx

  4. I just want to live there! Sepia tints and all - in fact, at my age I would probably look better if I were sepia-tinted.

    Pomona x