ceramic doilies.... really!

I have been a little remiss of late, there always seems to be just one more thing to do before I think about writing anything; so I've moved blog to the top of the list... and here we are!

As you can tell from the previous post my mind is full of campsites and caravans. I'm not a natural camper it has to be said, sleeping on the ground and not having all day access to a pair of GHD's leaves me a little cold; however in the spirit of 'try it you'll love it' I've booked us in for a week in a tent just after Christmas. There 's a lot of us going so it should be fun, most of them are seasoned campers with acres of equipment, boats and wetsuits, so it should be very outdoorsy, get wetty, barbecuing good times.

I actually won't be doing the get wetty bit if there is a wetsuit involved...I'm more the body type that enjoys deck chairs, waiters bearing cocktails and afternoon naps, in fact the closest I've ever been to a wetsuit is the two pairs of snuggy pants that are needed for me to fit into my party dress.
When I was being gently crowbarred into this camping trip the comment was made,
'that even Princess Margaret enjoyed camping!' (She's my hero and favourite ever royal, although Henry 8th comes a close second)

I'm not sure a villa in Mustique counts as camping, but beggars can't be choosers so it's a camping we will go...


The reason it's been so busy...we don't have a tent and that seems to be a prerequisite of this type of vacation so I've been scouring the internet for the canvas castle needed.
Blimey, tents are expensive! To afford even the scungiest affair with seventeen not so careful owners, I've been listing and selling bags of the treasure I've had in storage. The dollars are piling up nicely and I've been able to afford my first necessity...a hammock, and YES! it is a necessity.

We picked it up yesterday from a lovely lady on the West Coast, then as we had an hour or so to spare, Slap and I wandered around an art gallery, all hushed tones and grown up nodding until I spotted these...

...ceramic doilies!

As a doilie-maniac, these set off my spidey senses alarmingly. The exhibit, Labour of Love, Susannah Bridges, porcelain clay, was $7400, a snip for a wall of ceramic doilies, I think you'll agree. I wonder if you can sell children on ebay?


  1. Oh doilies! I LOVE those teeny ones. Hmm though, ever the jewellery magpie, I could make quite lovely pendants with those little ones. I have an urge to hang little dingly dangly pearls from them and pop them round my neck. Does that make me a little odd?

  2. Apparently... the summer festivals here in the UK people just leave their tents after the event and the boy scouts go around afterwards taking them down and sell them on for charity - any luck of that in NZ??

    Nina xxxx

  3. I got our first tent from an army surplus store in NZ - it was a beauty and was very cheap - of course that was ahem... a few years ago now! Good luck - as to selling children on ebay I'm sure you could ;-) Aren't the doilies amazing!

    Good to see you blogging - have been missing your wit.