advent post #1

Is the delightful Floss a mind reader I wonder?
I had been toying with the idea of writing a couple of posts about the new christmas traditions that seem to be a part of this years beach hut celebrations; then Floss puts a pause in advent out there...a happy coincidence or bloggy telepathy...hmmmm...

So, what happened this year to cause new traditions? Actually, I don't really know (is it only me that has to say that little phrase in a Les Dennis does Coronation Streets Mavis sort of a way?); but the kids really did grow up.
This year there were no school plays, no shouts for a tree around mid November, the chocolate advent calendars have been ignored during the supermarket runs and the letters to Santa replaced by electrical store catalogues...
Do I fight this teenage lethargy.......

So new tradition #1
The Advent Calendar:

Barbie, Hot Wheels and Winnie the Pooh may have lost their appeal but what teenager can ignore a waist high, sky blue tree covered in orangey chocolate balls...especially when it's strategically placed by the front door and school shoes? And what could be more pleasant than a mouthful of jaffa flavoured candy to accompany the morning school run?

So, the scores on the doors please,

Round 1:
Mummy 1 Teenagers 0


  1. ...I don't believe it!!

    'Oooops' there you go blue branches decorated in orange balls!!

    Ignore my email then,

    take care,

    Nina xxxxxxx

    ps. sorry, it looks fab - the balls and branches that is!

  2. Way to go Jus - you have a fab imagination! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  3. Hello!
    Just found you via Tabiboo, so pleased I have! The tree looks great.Just the thing teenagers would love although you may get mommmm.... (accompanied by a rolling of the eyes) or is that just me?
    They love traditions really, they just like to pretend they don't! I like the saying" Bury them at 14 and dig them up when they're 18"Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  4. One teen helped me stuff my new bought for myself advent calender - will show it tomorrow on Blog. The other teen will enjoy the choc.

    Eldest teen has said she's not having a stocking this year ! But relented and said, well just filled with chocolate maybe !

  5. It's great, Jus! I suppose the problem is that when they feel they've grown out of the kiddy stuff, if we're not careful, they end up with nothing. You've created a teenage-friendly version (and adult-friendly too, I should think...) Chocolate balls will be appearing in our house tomorrow too, to satisfy my 'tweenagers'.

  6. Very stylish! And to answer your query, raised beds are the answer to heavy soil. Double dig the first season, and after that never walk on them and you never need to dig again. Build up the soil with manure, screened topsoil, garden or mushroom compost, wood ash - in a season or two you will have the loveliest soil which will even grow carrots. We put little wooden walls round ours, but you don't have to. Email me if you have any more queries.

    Pomona x

  7. Now I'm glad I make sure I wear my glasses when I visit these days. I would have had a real job working this image out wouldn't I.

    Don't allow them to grow up and out of those traditions. You tell them Jus. Good point scoring for you.

    Lisa x

  8. Seriously, blue branches festooned with orange chocko balls?!!!! Holy Cow, I love it! We are in Princess, Pony, and Pink overdrive at "4 and a half years old thank you":) She did also ask for a drum set, pink of course...'cause she's a "rock star actually."

    Still sorting out our traditions. I have a few new ones planned for this year. Such as the traditional Christmas ravioli of course, which will be preceded by the traditional Christmas Eve hula. I can hear you laugh but I assure you, I am completely serious.

    Thanks for the super crazy good Advent tree!

  9. Hello Jus, thank you for your lovely comment on my Advent post..I'm sorry for popping over so late, but I've enjoyed a lot your post!