cool banana sort of a day...

It's not often that the planets align and Slap and I get a day to ourselves...no work, no kids...just a little time to get busy doing nothing.
Well this week they did and we made the most of our day by getting cultural, getting fed and getting lazy...

First stop was the Auckland Art Gallery for TASTE, Food & Feasting in Art.

Andy Warhol and Ruscha were there in all their pop art foodie goodness whilst Brueghel and Lindauer brought "proper paintings" to the table.

My favourite's though... the photographs.

John Daley's, Steves Fish and Chip Shop, Wellington is a corker
Brian Brake's photo's of Picasso and friends made me smile
It was the photo's of the old school artisans that got me all excited though...
Definitely worth a visit if you're passing through, it's on until the 14 February.

Vivace Restaurant was a splendid discovery...yummy cocktails and even better food and the maitre 'd has the most perfect eyebrows in Auckland.

Then home for some sofa time. We watched 'The Mother', a Sunday Theatre piece...
Gordon Bennett! What a woman... Anna Reid takes the title of merry widow to towering new heights.

Happy days!


  1. What a lovely way to spend the day.

    Now where did I leave my head?

  2. lovely - I spent hours recently at the national gallery while I waited for my one day passport.

    It was lovely to really spend time looking properly & not wizzing through saying...Turner...Monet...Van Gough...

    A few years ago, Wee Man got told off there for acting out The Thomas Crown affair ! It was very funny !

    Thx for your comment on my Blog...
    Have you read any of the Twilight boooks ? I read the first & saw the film. Of course now the second film is out & DD & co are planning their second trip to see it !

  3. Good for you guys - a lovey day well spent and far more productive then mine. If I had the chance of no kiddies I'd sleep all day.