advent post #2

So this week's new tradition is the Christmas production.
Every year so far, there has been a school carol concert, a dance/theatre/musical event, even the odd, completely bizarre "the class wrote it themselves" play, but this year... nada.

So, beach hut new tradition #2....
The Christmas Production.

This year we'll be visiting the cinema as a family and the festive cinematic offering is... 'Where the Wild Things are'

This was my favourite book and therefore all three children have had this read to them over and over again. We still have an ancient, beat up old version of it somewhere.

I am EXTREMELY excited by the thought of our family film, Lil and Alfie are somewhat excited, Slap is a sighing, do I have a choice, sort of excited and Oz (15) is, as we speak, trying on various disguises. Apparently, there is a fate worse than death and that is being spotted by your peer group entering a children's christmas film with your parents!
He was even threatening to boycott said event until it was gently broken to him that, in fact, there isn't a big bloke in a red suit with reindeer and he is therefore relying on said parents to come up with the ipod he's so keen on.

The scores on the doors then at the end of week two:

Mummy 2 Teenagers 2/3


  1. Great idea! I'm so out of touch with the film world that I hardly knew this was coming up. I thinkk we'd all enjoy it too, so I'll look out for it. We have no Christmas shows in school here, but 20th Dec will see three out of the four of us involved in different productions at church...

  2. no Christmas show to giggle through ? Bah Humbug !

    Told my teens to stop talking about Christmas because the way I feel right now Christmas is off !

    ( chronic back & neck pain )

  3. No Christmas shows here either.

    I loved this book as well - hey maybe DH and I will go and watch it without the children! Haven't seen it advertised yet though.

    Fill advent pockets with healthy things - hey he'd eat those as well! See food eat it is his mottto!

  4. Fantastic Jus, I love the reality check!

    Can't wait to see this film along with the latest Brit Christmas Flick 'Nativity!' I think even the teenagers will love it.

    Have a good one,

    Nina xxxx

  5. Can't wait to hear what it was like. Not sure I've even read the book as it just didn't look that great to me! The things we mothers make our children do with bribes! Isn't it just the best fun ever?!!!!

  6. We had to get our boys too dress up as Father Christmas for a sponsored walk! I took the same approach as you did.
    Cruel, but it worked!!! :0)

    Love Lou xxx

  7. He he. Have yet to see it. I always worry about movies made from my favorite books. Have fun!